It’s hard to believe I ever thought being pregnant felt yucky, because I feel so good these days! Even smells seem to have lost their ability to bother me, and there’s hardly anything that sounds bad to eat (before, I had all sorts of food aversions). I still tire easily (perhaps because my big belly makes sleeping and many other activities uncomfortable), but a good nap most afternoons gives me a lot more energy than before.

In the food realm, not only do I still have food cravings (potatoes and cheese, not together, seem to be the cravings I’ve had most throughout this whole pregnancy), I’m hungry a LOT. I eat at least 6 times a day (3 meals + a snack after each), and especially snack on fruit,  yogurt, and popcorn. I’m back to my normal spicy-loving-self, and even after a huge, spicy Chinese dinner with Paul’s dad last night, I have not suffered any heartburn. Maybe it’s all the water drinking I do? Whatever it is, I’m glad!