Fresh chicken and too much pumpkin and gaining 4lbs, oh my!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a friend over and enjoyed hosting for the first time. Paul cooked a roast chicken, his grandma’s cornbread dressing, and mashed poatoes with my dad’s giblet gravy. I did scalloped sweet potatoes, a fruit salad, pumpkin cranberry walnut bread, honey wheat rolls, and gingerbread men. Well, and pumpkin cake, which was an accident and tastes exactly like the pumpkin cranberry walnut bread without the cranberries or walnut. Our friend brought my favorite holiday dish, green bean casserole, plus garlic stir-fried broccoli and our local specialty, fried goat cheese!

I tried to get a good photo of the feast, but didn’t think of it til time to eat, couldn’t get it all in one frame without standing in a chair, and was too hungry to care :-) Oh, and I gained 4 lbs. Not just from dinner, because I hadn’t weighed myself for 2 weeks, but 4lbs in 2 weeks is still kind of impressive, don’t you think?