Before we go in for our gender-revealing ultrasound this Saturday, I thought it’d be fun to compile some gender predictions based on everything from intuition to science to old wives tales. (No, I don’t put a lot of stock in these!)

Here in China, ALL my friends think the baby is going to be a boy. This is based on a few reasons:

  1. a Chinese gender chart (similar to the one popular online and in America right now) says boy
  2. my pregnant belly looks really big, which means boy
  3. many of my friends say that my cravings for sour instead of sweet means boy (one says it means girl, but still thinks I’ll have a boy based on my tummy size)
  4. I crave meat over fruit, which means boy

In America, no one has really seen me to guess that way (I’ll let you be the first!), but these “strategies” seem popular there:

  1. Craving sweets like chocolate indicates a girl; craving salty snacks indicates a boy (this would mean I have a boy)
  2. Morning sickness indicates a girl; headaches indicate a boy (so in my case, girl)

Science has actually tested a few methods:

  1. Mother’s intuition is correct 70% of the time! (I think baby’s a girl)
  2. Unborn baby heartbeats above 140 used to be said to indicate a girl; this is now considered inaccurate (but would also mean we have a girl)

Popular tests fit in the category of old wive’s tales too (in my opinion!):

  1. The ring test says boy (though, I sometimes see it written exactly opposite, which would mean girl)
  2. The key test says girl
  3. The needle test says I’m having 7 kids, in this order: girl, boy, girl, boy, boy, boy, girl

In case you weren’t counting, so far this means I have a 55% chance of having a boy, 45% chance of having a girl.

I don’t know what to think about the tales below since I haven’t really stared down a lot of other pregnant ladies’ bellies. Look at the photo and tell me where you think I fit in:

  1. Carrying high indicates a girl; carrying low indicates a boy.
  2. A watermelon shape (the belly out to the sides and hips) indicates a girl, beach ball shape (all in the front) indicates a boy.