At the end of 2008, I made 5 resolutions that I never read over again. This year, I hope to do things differently!My resolutions for 2009 (I had to go digging through old journals to find these):

  1. read the entire Bible this year
  2. read the Bible for 15+ minutes per day
  3. show Paul that he’s loved
  4. smile more
  5. become a person filled with Christ’s joy


  1. I did read the Bible, from January 1st – December 22nd , using the Discipleship Journal reading plan
  2. I’m pretty sure doing so required 15+ minutes or more per day!
  3. showing Paul he’s loved is a bit intangible, but something I need to continue
  4. I don’t have a smile meter, either, though my pregnancy pictures would probably serve as positive proof!
  5. I’m still working on joy

I’m writing this as I think of my new, 2010 resolutions. I’m a goal-oriented, checklist-loving girl, so I love writing resolutions… it’s especially rewarding when I look back and see that I did meet them!

Do you like New Years’ resolutions? How’d you do on your goals last year? Any ideas on what you’ll aim for this year?