I had no idea mothering was such a stinky profession.

I’m not talking about baby poop… Tigger’s exclusively breastfed, so (though Baba would disagree) her diapers smell somewhat pleasant, like yogurt. I’m not talking about spit-up… messy, yes, but stinky, not particularly. I’m talking about myself. Mama. I’m a stinky Mama.

It’s not because I never have time to shower, though some days (weeks…) that is too true. If I had to guess, I’d give pregnancy’s equivalent of “Jesus” as the “Sunday-School answer”: hormones. I don’t know for sure, and have no basis other than the fact that hormones seem to be the scapegoat for everything that goes weird in a woman’s body when it transforms into a mother. Regardless of why it is, it certainly is.

Case study: I just put a shirt in the dirty clothes pile for the third time. In a row. It’s not Tigger’s shirt, it doesn’t have poop or even spit-up on it. It’s mine. And it stinks. Badly. A few hours ago, I picked up this shirt to hang to dry in our guest bedroom Tigger’s room (oh how I would appreciate a balcony!!) and I smelled a not-good smell. “Oh no,” I sighed, “the laundry got musky while it sat in a heap on the toy chest lid for hours waiting as I tried in vain to get Tigger to nap.” But then I put my nose to the pile, and smelled the pleasant fragrance of fresh laundry. Then I recognized the smell. I hope I’m not the only one who has this problem, because putting it online like this is pretty embarassing, but I sweat when I nurse. A lot. My deodorant is useless, Baba’s helps somewhat. I sweat (and I was previously an almost-never-sweats type!), and it stinks. So my shirt stinks. Bad.

Naturally, I had another load of laundry waiting to be done, so I threw the shirt back in, and got it out a few minutes ago. One armpit stunk still, the other was fine. I didn’t check, but since I have one arm where my sweating is… uh… sweatier, I’m sure I know which one.

This is a mostly pointless entry, but I’m putting myself out here with my sweaty stinky Mama secret, so now’s your turn. If you don’t sweat stinkily when you nurse, don’t mention that, but do share your own discoveries that no one told you would happen when you became a mother! We’re all dying to hear (because we have the same problem and thought it was just us)!