^_^  Saruskabeth ^_^

I recently discovered that a scary percentage of high school seniors don’t understand how to use context clues to derive the meaning of a word. I remember learning about that in first grade!! Naturally, I questioned whether or not I’d be able to foster that skill in my child once we began schooling him. I plan on homeschooling, at least for the first several years, but have had no formal training in education. So any time I hear a stat on about students and thier learning skills I have a tendency to panic about my abilities as a teacher.

I thought about it as I read Payten, my three year old, his bedtime story, “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carrol. http://www.jabberwocky.com/carroll/jabber/jabberwocky.html It was the second time I’d read the poem to him, and the rythm really seems to help him settle down. (He’d rather me read a few pages of Tolkien or even Shakespeare than “Goodnight Moon.” He’s like me; obsessed with the way words sound. The cooler they sound the better!)

This morning as I prepared breakfast, my three year old was getting dressed in the hallway as usual. I asked him over my shoulder if he was ready, and he didn’t respond. I asked again; nothing. So I turned around to find him standing, one foot almost off the ground, pants in his hand, staring into space. Completely oblivious to the world around him. I chuckled, then walked over and waved my hand in front of his eyes. “Yoo-hoo! Anybody there? Whatcha thinkin about, buddy?” His eyes focused on mine and he laughed. “Oh! I don’t know, Mama! I guess I was in uffish thought!”

I guess so! And I guess I don’t have to worry about his contextual skills!