^_^  saruskabeth ^_^

I feel like its been a month since my last post. In fact, it feels like its been a month since I woke up this morning. I gotta tell you, parenthood may be rewarding in the end, but it s so darn tiring on the way there!

Today I:

1.)confronted countless tantrums by one very determined almost two year old (one of which lasted 45 minutes before I determined the cause was his desire to wear a different pair of shorts than the pair I picked out. And they totally did not match his shirt, let me tell you!)

2.) once again faced the challange of new-baby jealousy induced regression of a potty trained three year old (every day for a month, now! Augh!)

3.) listened to a wailing 5 month old who has decided that she absolutely must be standing, eating, and be actively entertained at all times, (If she could do those things without assistance, I’d be much less annoyed.)

4.) realized that this pile of laundry is never going to wash itself, so I might as well, you know, burn it or something, and

5.) discovered a colony of ants have made themselves at home in her diaper pail!

Oh, did I mention the gang of 12 year olds I found drawing phalic images and interestingly spelled obscenities in my driveway with my sons’ own sidewalk chalk? Ah, yes. It was a good day. At least I can go to bed now that all my kids are asleep and the husband is finally home from work. Well, as soon as I wash the dishes. And start a load of ant-infested diapers. And I should really make out the grocery list. I never get it done with the kids awake. Oh, and I never did get around to vacuuming the mess from that glitter fiasco. Gah, I’m going to need an energy shot. And a therapist.