by LoriAnn

Rivertribe Album

On Saruskabeth‘s suggestion, I’m trying out white noise to help Tigger sleep through tractors, delivery trucks, roosters, dogs, and the other loudnesses of China (I currently hear a rock concert outside, but it’s just the grand re-opening of the furniture a block of way). We generally play Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble? by Rivertribe while she naps (the same music she was born to), the only problem being that the volume is inconsistent, so it might get quiet right when the dogs outside really get into it.

We’ve also used a free white noise recording from Be Prepared, but honestly, it gets on my nerves. I personally don’t feel soothed by the sound of a vacuum! So I searched Amazon and was surprised the find that all the nature sounds tracks, though over an hour each, are just $0.89-$0.99! Of course I downloaded the one I like best (they all have samples free to listen to), which is number 1 below, but check out the others if you’re interested in trying one too. I ranked them in order of how well I thought I could sleep to their sounds.

  1. Magnificent Sounds of Nature: Thunderstorm, Ocean Waves & Rain
  2. Thunderstorm by the Sea
  3. Healing Sound of Water
  4. Ocean Waves
  5. Rain for Sleeping and Relaxation

I’m still taking suggestions for helping Tigger’s napping, by the way :-)