by LoriAnn

hopes-christmas-presentI was so distraught to pick up Tigger’s Christmas present (which I began while pregnant) and have not a clue as to proceed! I’d forgotten which cast-on I’d settled on, how to wind the multiple colors required, and everything else required for intarsia (a style of multi-color) knitting!

Thankfully, everything I’d learned was easily available online. I searched like mad (earning points all the while of course!) Here’s a list of my favorite resources:

  1. Cast on with the cable cast-on method in this video
  2. Wind “butterflies” (hand-wound bobbins, no tools needed) with directions at the bottom of this KnitPicks page
  3. Join a new color as shown at the bottom of this Knit Simple article
  4. Twist to change yarn colors as in this PurlBee tutorial
  5. Enjoy your knit project!