My agenda for the day read:
1. Pay water and cable bills.
2. Go grocery shopping to restock cupboards that resemble Old Mother Hubbard’s. 
3. Don’t forget diapers.
4. Drop off mail at post office.
5. Pack for the boys’ weekend at Nana and Papi’s.

What I actually did today:

1. Let the boys run around the Chick-fil-a playground to run off steam. 
2. Watch the car get dinged and scratched by inconsiderate parker, but be unable to get out of said vehicle to confront the woman because the car is schtoopid.
3. Get a grand total of two 2-liter sodas before giving up on the boys behaving.
4. Forget diapers.
5. Aquire hugigantical migraine.

Lesson learned? To-do lists are just wish lists in disguise.