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by Lori Ann

A true traveler

We’ll be out of town for a little over a week when this post appears, so as I’m writing it I’m thinking of the necessary preparations. We travel a lot, usually by bus, so packing and packing light are a well-practiced art. Our packing list did double when Tigger came around (or so it seems!), but thankfully her belongings are very small.

Here’s our list. What’s key for smooth traveling for your family?

Family Packing List

to wear:

  • comfy pants. layered shirts, 4 elastic hair bands, watch w/ alarm, pantyliner

adults’ clothes:

  • 1 pair sleep shorts OR pants
  • shirts (1 for every other day, max 4)
  • pants (wear 1, pack 1)
  • underclothing (1 for every day, max 4)
  • socks (only if bringing sneakers or 1-2 pair for sandals if potential cold)

baby stuff:

  • amber necklace, Mama teething necklace
  • diapers (7/day) & wipes, quick-dry towel or changing pad, butt spray
  • wool puddle pad & bedbug bumpers
  • 8 day outfits, 2 pair socks, sun or winter hat
  • 2 sleep outfits, 2 sheets or blankets
  • book, small toy & teether
  • 2 washcloths, towel bib
  • carrier


  • travel-size toothpaste, deodorant, body wash/shampoo
  • toothbrush, small comb, fingernail clippers, earplugs
  • toilet paper, wet wipes, diva cup, pantyliners

first-aid kit:

  • bandaids
  • allergy medicine, saline spray, nose bulb
  • tummy medicine (pepto chewables, chamomile tea, baby gas drops)
  • head medicine
  • cough drops/chest rub
  • small squares of clean gauze
  • safety pins
  • thermometer
  • teething tablets, pacifier
  • rehydration/electrolyte powder


  • journal, Bible, pencil, 1 book OR 1 craft, travel board game
  • iPod & charger, travel speakers (w/ batteries & charger)
  • camera, cell phone & accessories (memory cards, chargers)


  • granola, granola bars, dried/fresh fruit, crackers, water bottle


  • money
  • paperwork (ID, plus directions to destinations, letterboxes, books, etc.)
  • empty tote bag, wet bag, mesh dunk bag, sink (cold water) laundry detergent