^_^ Saruskabeth^_^

About a month ago,  Awanas started up at our church, and my two and three year olds eagerly joined in the fun.  Even little Madison Grace has her own class, complete with a story lesson, songs, and puppet show! Its so great to see them bonding with their leaders and other children; Dylan hardly ever gets a chance to play with kids his age, since his size often gets him moved up before he really should be. I was thrilled to see that he’s not the only larger kid in his “Puggles” class, and he and Denson quickly became inseperable. Though Denson is a bit older, they get along great, and the teacher reports that they share everything…including germs. 

It started with a runny nose which progressed to full-blown sinus funk.  Then came the diapers…lots of diapers. I thought Dylan’s were bad until I smelled Madison’s. Oh. My. Gosh. I was pretty sure a city sewage pipe had ruptured inside her diaper. Payten, luckily, had already dealt with rotovirus when he was around 15 months old, so it didn’t hit him quite as bad but he still didn’t feel well. The whole ordeal lasted about four days, but it felt like ages.

The following Wednesday, the kids were feeling better and back at awanas. I noticed when picking them up that a baby in Madison Grace’s class had the sniffles. “Poor little guy’s got allergies,” I thought to myself. Think again. The next 3 days were spent making rounds between beds as all three sniffed and sneezed and sniffed some more, running fever and having (you guessed it) diarrhea. Payten’s verbal prowess came in handy for at-home-diagnosis: “I am super-duper cold, Mama, but my skin is making itself so sweaty like I’m hot!” “Mama, my everything hurts.” “It feels like I swallowed something sharp in my throat.” Great. They have the flu! The fourth day, they all seemed to feel much better, but kept them home from church just in case.

Wednesday, off to awanas we go…a little nervously. And well founded, come to find out. This time, it was Payten who started it all. And fast, too! We’d barely gotten strapped into the car when he coughed. A simple cough, yet I just KNEW that it was no benign clearing of the lungs. And boy was I right. Luckily, no unusually deadly odors associated themselves with this round of ick; instead, I got to experience a three-child performance of syncronized vomiting. If you haven’t witnessed such a thing…I don’t recommend it. Payten begged me to make it stop, Dylan cried and just looked plain pitiful, and Madison couldn’t decide if it was terrible or hilarious.

I don’t know how I managed, but the only symptoms I had during this plethra of maladies was a sniffly nose and a little abdominal discomfort. I haven’t decided if I we’ll be going to church at all this week. Not until every surface, hand, face, and object has been thoroughly scrubbed and sanitized…At least some good has come from it all; I heard that their doctor is finally able to buy that big screen TV he’s been longing for!