by Lori Ann

Hiking through the Stone Forest

ATo2M (A Tale of Two Mamas) is the series we’re about to embark on in order to give you a glimpse into the similarities and differences of our lives with different families living in different cultures. Sorry if there’s overlap with Saruskabeth’s post, I promised myself not to peek first. Please comment with your own topics to add as well as questions for us to answer that could fit into each topic. For an example (and to post questions for us to answer in our first ATo2M posts!), see the Halloween post next week.

My Topic Brainstorm:

Advent celebrations

breastfeeding in public

length of breastfeeding/extended breastfeeding

starting solids


husband/wife stuff

Christmas traditions – Santa or no Santa?

Thanksgiving traditions

Easter traditions

pregnancy superstitions: what you can & can’t eat, do, wear, what gender the baby is based on your cravings

Your Questions

Comment now with the topics you like from our lists, the topics you’d also like to add, and questions you have within each topic.