In the past, I’ve always made New Year’s resolutions. This year, I simply wasn’t in the mood. I think it had something to do with finding my 2010 resolutions and realizing I’d forgotten all about them, and only accomplished 1 out of 10 (losing my pregnancy weight).


I couldn’t decide whether to skip resolutions this year or come up with something easier, but I finally decided to compromise with myself and set ONE resolution. But it’s kind of a toughie.

I’m wanting to be less lazy and more productive. So my resolution is to make something every day.

As you can see in my brainstorming list, I might make a useful item for my home. I might make time for something important. I might make a dent in laundry I’ve gotten behind in, make amends with a friend, or make progress in the language I’m learning. Whatever it is, it requires me to really DO something every day. Checking email doesn’t count :-)

What’s your 2011 resolution(s), if any? How have you done at meeting them in the past?