by Lori Ann

Spring Festival Strawberries

chocolate-covered strawberries… which holiday?

February brought both 春节 (pronounced “choon-gee-eh,” meaning Spring Festival i.e. Chinese New Year’s) and Valentine’s Day, two holidays that in our house mean lots of food! Can you guess which foods were for which? You may be surprised!

Pecan-Banana-Raisin Rice PorridgePecan-Raisin-Rice Porridge… a recipe I created to make up for 1) having leftover rice and 2) not having anything prepared for breakfast!

vday cheese heartscheddar hearts... which holiday?

purple carrotsthe real reason your kids won’t eat their veggies? they’re nowhere near as awesome as ours! (purple carrots freshly harvested by Baba, the farmer, while i shaded Tigger on my back with our 7-year-old friend’s umbrella)

So what do you think — when did we eat the strawberries and hearts?

Let me know if you have any good recipes to share… right now I’m especially on the quest for healthy breakfasts, protein-rich snacks, an any-flavor muffin recipe (preferably with oats!), and cookies that aren’t TOO bad for me. Oh, and anything using sourdough starter, but that deserves it’s own post…