by Lori Ann

Village Bedroom

In the local (Yi minority) culture where we live, a married couple who has grown attached to another family’s child can propose a “new name” for that child. If accepted, the married couple becomes the godparents for the child, and there is a special relationship between the birth parents and these godparents. If the child was formerly naughty, it is also hoped that this new name and these new parents will change that, too (our friends joked about this, but I don’t think they took that part seriously).

We were excited and blessed to enter this relationship with close friends of ours who named Tigger, “Snake-Flower Girl” in the minority language. I don’t have any photos of our family — villagers rarely sit still long enough for a photo, which I suppose is true of most traditional farmers! — but here we are enjoying the hospitality of their home. Ah, the simple life!

In the courtyard with Mama:

Going Driving

And enjoying some one-on-one time with Baba:
Driving with Baba

note 1 (for the cuious & observant): these photos were taken in mid-March; their village is at a pretty high altitude so we had to bundle up warmly!

note 2 (for the sentimental & observant): these photos were taken in mid-March; that’s only 2 months ago… but the shoes Tigger’s wearing are way, way, way too small for her, and have been for over a month… where did those teensy toes go!? (It’s okay though, her chubby feet are pretty stinking cute too :D)