by Lori Ann

Messy Face

“God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt” — this playground chant was popular when we ate outside on nice spring days, especially if an especially tasty treat fell to the ground. 10+ years later and the chant comes back to mind frequently these days as I realize how futile (and scientifically speaking, harmful) it is to keep Tigger away from every bit of good-old-fashioned dirt.

Unfortunately, the local Grandmas don’t agree, and “dirty” will probably be Tigger’s first word in Chinese.


My FIL and I were talking several months ago and he mentioned that as a kid, he and his friends really ate mud pies! Tigger was playing on our village friend’s farm recently and tried to scoop up a mouthful of soil including a piece of goat poop… thankfully I was right there and she didn’t get any, but I had to laugh when my American friend mentioned that kids in the U.S. aren’t going to grow up with those kinds of experiences! Do you have any good dirt stories?

(don’t read this or any MamaWit post as medical advice, blah blah blah, disclaimer type stuff, and please don’t feed your child any soil from the industrialized chemicalized factory farm down the street… thanks)