by Lori Ann

Park Contemplations

10 links I enjoyed this past month:

  • 50 Problem Words & Phrases from Daily Writing Tips
    the grammar nerd in me loved gloating over how well I do at NOT having these problems… for the most part!
  • Booking It in 2011 from Life As a Mom
    I was looking at this for inspiration; I think it’d be really fun to have a MamaWit book club, what about you?
  • Why Preschool Shouldn’t Be Like School on Slate
    really interesting to me as a Mama who originally planned on (and was trained for) being a teacher and now intends to homeschool
  • Kitchen Garden Planner from Gardener’s Supply Company
    a really useful tool we’re bookmarking as we proceed in our research for a sustainable agriculture business!
  • Orphan Dolls™ to Africa by Faith on etsy
    heard about this handmade doll shop on the radio; the dolls are just $20 and 100% of the profits go to Orphans in Africa!
  • Charlotte Mason’s Home Education in Modern English from Ambleside Online
    homeschooling (really more like home”learning”) for little ones
  • From the big sister to the little brother from the gypsy mama
    a sweet reflection on Christ in us here, now, alongside us through the messes and mistakes of daily life
  • How to teach sharing by giving up control by mamaeve
    watching our littles learn sharing together… I’m not completely in agreement with the RIE philosophy she mentions, but see my comment on the post for my own experience with kids and sharing
  • Harriette Taylor Treadwell’s Reading Primers
    a homeschool literature/reading resource; the Kindle ebook versions are just $1.99!
  • my “Baby Folk & Calm” music station on Pandora
    it doesn’t always pick what we like, but usually does pretty good!