by Lori Ann

Perfectionist Gray

Gray? I don’t want to squelch her creativity or anything, but really? Gray?

You should know my favorite colors are green, yellow, and red. In college, I was especially fond of orange. Bright orange. Before that, it was purple. Not too pastel. Bright.

You should probably also know that I am a recovering perfectionist.

I finally hung my “inspiration board” behind the craft desk that was Baba’s gift to me for Valentine’s and Mother’s days. I was motivated this morning to decorate one square with artwork from Tigger, so out came the crayon box and paper. I was envisioning a bright, colorful design to match everything else I love. Her hands went for the box, pulling out not blue, green, or orange (her usual favorites), but — gray.

As a (recovering) perfectionist, gray does not fit my idea of “inspiration” or “decor” either one. God and Tigger, though? Apparently, they’re more interested in teaching me more “letting go” lessons.

How have you had to let go of plans and ideals to give room for your little ones to grow and learn?