by Lori Ann

skies at dawn

For a long time, I’ve been meaning to write an idea I have for a blogger’s “Family First Challenge.” All too often I read Mom bloggers (like… ahem… me…) writing long apologies about why they haven’t written, and I’ve begun to think, “Why should you apologize?… Your family is worth the first of your time!”

In an age of the Super Mom, we Mamas tend to feel insecure if we aren’t doing it all… cooking nutritious whole-food recipes from scratch three times a day (plus healthy snacks!), keeping the floors spotless, writing genius-producing homeschool lessons, keeping our tyke’s faces perfectly clean, never losing our temper, and naturally writing a blog post about it all each and every day. You know, to inspire all the other Moms.

But is that what we are doing?

Or are we encouraging the insecurity? Are we setting the bar for a “good Mama” so high that we feel the need to publicly apologize when we drop one of the balls in our over-the-top juggling act?

So, fellow family bloggers, let’s agree to put our families first. No apologies. That will look different for every Mama and every family, but for me (for now), it means:

  • computer screen is off when Tigger is awake
  • eye contact with Baba when he comes up to talk… meaning eyes off the screen!
  • cutting back to about one blog post here per week (I realized that was the original intention of this blog, and as I’m taking on more projects for the nonprofit I work with, it’s a good idea again)
  • spending my weeknights crafting, reading, and playing games with Baba… not websurfing and typing posts

If some creative Mama out there really and truly has the time to design a little “Family First” image we can all use whenever that’s what’s going on (you can link to this post and/or write a relevant one of your own), go for it.
Me? Well, I intended to, but I have a family to tend to, first.