I remember confiding in a friend when Tigger was a week old: “Everything’s fine… I’m just exhausted.” Months later, I bought and read The No-Cry Sleep Solution when we just couldn’t seem to get naps worked out. Finally, I found Sleepless in America, realized that our problem was not anticipating her tired times early enough and needing a consistent naptime/bedtime routine to help her ease into the slumber her body needed. Now, I’m typing as she sleeps for multi-hour stretches at night, resettling if necessary with just a pat.

This isn’t a post with advice for getting your baby to sleep… I just finished this pagewith the resources that most helped me (you should click over for the photo at the top if nothing else!) As I was searching for a photo to stick on that page, I realized as I found picture after picture of our peacefully slumbering baby that she really did sleep a lot! Here’s a trip back in time to remember that she really did sleep, even in the early days. Feel free to comment with your infant sleep stories or links to photos of your snoozing sweeties.

in Baba's arms sleepy yawn! snuggling & sleeping in Mama's sling pouch