In the spirit of last year’s post (when this was Lori Ann and Saruskabeth‘s joint personal blog), here’s our 2011 roundup review:

Most Popular in 2011:

  1. free Sewing Book
  2. not Sorry, just Full
  3. Tigger’s Pregnancy
  4. Village Baby
  5. Village Family
  6. Dutch (Oven) Pancakes
  7. Guess what?
  8. This one’s One
  9. Needy
  10. Sick Day

And for fun, a few posts needing some love (i.e. comments… they just got lost in the shuffle, right?):

  1. Sleep Gallery
  2. Submit to MamaWit Magokay, so we haven’t formerly announced this yet thus it hasn’t had a ton of hits, but check it out to share your parenting stories, photos, artwork, and more with the world!
  3. Advent
  4. Three Little Words
  5. Our Month in China