Welcome to MamaWit, home to two Mamas’ musing on family, home, and life in general. We are two sisters living continents apart: Saruskabeth raising 3 kids within 3 years and under in the United States of America, and Lori Ann with her one toddler in the mountains of rural China.

MamaWit is written for our family and friends to keep up with our lives, plus for others interested in silly, crafty, thoughtful, photo-loving, simple-living mamas’ takes on life, pregnancy, and parenting, plus crafting, simplifying, reading, playing, cleaning, organizing, cooking, composting, and (eventually!) homeschooling.

Click around, read, and comment to find and share the adventure of parenting that leads two sisters on two continents to have the same name: Mama!


Lori Ann started MamaWit to share her pregnancy with Tigger. Wife to Baba and Mama to Tigger (1 y/o), she’s loving and learning gentle parenting in the mountains of rural China. She’s currently pursuing contentment, productivity, and traditional handcraft skills. Read more about and from Lori Ann here.

Saruskabeth is a 24 year old christian mom of three angelic little heathens. She likes her children most of the time, love them all the time, and wouldn’t give up motherhood for the world! Read Saruskabeth’s MamaWit posts here and her musings on parenting three kids born within three years at her other blog, Three in Three.