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by Lori Ann


Tigger’s always been a very smiley girl (well, a very expressive girl… but her happy times definitely outweigh the emotional lows!), but it seems to just increase as she gets older. And with those teeth? All the more adorable. Here’s a look over March and a few of the smiles it brought!

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by Lori Ann

We’re on the Fence! What’s that mean? Well, we get this cute little logo to go on the side of our blog, for one. But more importantly, if you CLICK on it (above or on the side), we get a vote! It’s just a little, “I like MamaWit!” that probably doesn’t mean a lot but will make us feel good that you enjoy reading along as we journey through this adventure called parenting :-)

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Howdy, MamaWit readers! Its been awhile since I posted anything, so I thought I’d drop by and let you all know I’m still around! I’m going to try to post more often, but no promises! As Lori Ann said a few posts ago, I’m having to prioritize, and blogging isn’t even in the top ten right now.

We’ve had a lot going on on the Arkansas side of the family. Between sick kids and dying cars, we have been super duper busy getting things fixed! Which oddly has made us broke. But at least everyone and everything else is well and working.

Well, I have a very important meeting I need to get to. I won’t reveal the top secret info here, but I will say I work closely with Iron Man, defeating bad guys and flying and other superhero stuff. I’m already late. Iron Man is a very impatient hero. (And a surprisingly short one. Just shy of four feet tall; can you believe it?)  I hope to see you all very soon!

Lori Ann

Yi baby headpiece

We’re spending more and more time with our friends in the countryside, which is a ton of fun, lets us devote up to 13 hours a day to immersed language study, and lets Tigger spend most of her time in her favorite place, the great outdoors!

Of course, it also means less time online, which ironically equals less time sharing about what we’re doing (ironic because it makes it look like we aren’t doing anything!). Also ironically, though we’re doing what we love most, we more often forget to pull out the camera; I told my dad a few weeks ago it seems the moments that matter most are the ones I never think to record!

So, though there are only a few, I thought I’d share some village highlights from last month. I haven’t uploaded this month’s yet but will share once I do!

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by Lori Ann

happy baby, shattered lens filter

This year has been especially full. I don’t want to say “busy,” which conveys hurrying from activity to activity. It hasn’t been that way at all; simply, full. Each day, each moment, mattering: maturing into the mother, wife, and neighbor I believe God has called me to be. Knowing I’m far from having “arrived.” But thoroughly enjoying the journey.

I also don’t want to apologize for writing so infrequently. I’ve noticed so many bloggers who write about parenting and family write a “I’m so sorry” post after neglecting their blog for awhile, even though they were taking care of the needs of that family! (I’ve done this myself) I know the intention is to be kind to readers, but it comes across to me as prioritizing the blog about family over the family itself… and I don’t want to be like that. I do want to check in, say hello, and promise I’m still pursuing God and mothering. To the fullest!

Where are your journeys taking you this year?

by Lori Ann


I just woke up to Tigger’s bedtime alarm — you know, the one that is set to 6:45pm to remind us it’s time to BEGIN bedtime. I rolled over, and she was lying on the floor next to me, still steadily breathing despite the sound. I rose to quiet the alarm and she stirred a little but was quieted back into a deep slumber with just a little dream nursing. I know this probably means she’ll wake early (before 7) tomorrow morning, but the same would happen if she woke now and didn’t get to bed for the night til 8:30 or 9, so she might as well continue to rest.

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by Lori Ann

thai food panda

We went out for Thai food and Tigger teethed on her panda from Aunt Suzy. She did eat some real Thai food, too; mostly just the cucumber garnishes but it was still fun! (i did feel bad for the waitresses, she’s not exactly a neat eater hehe!)

You can probably tell we’ve been having quite a busy year here — not much time for writing! I still want to keep everyone updated about Tigger and our life here, so I’ll share some highlights from our recent trip to the Big City (the capital of our province, about 1.5hr away, where we have to go occasionally for filing official paperwork and such).

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by Lori Ann

Spring Festival Strawberries

chocolate-covered strawberries… which holiday?

February brought both 春节 (pronounced “choon-gee-eh,” meaning Spring Festival i.e. Chinese New Year’s) and Valentine’s Day, two holidays that in our house mean lots of food! Can you guess which foods were for which? You may be surprised!

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by Lori Ann

Moving Baby with Boxes

What a month it’s been! I think the last month has been my favorite in a long time, mostly because it’s my favorite age for Tigger so far. With holidays, moving across town, and visiting lots of friends, we’ve had so much to do, rewarding but also so exhausting (thus not being online much to post!). I’ll share some photo highlights with you, just click the “continue reading” link:

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Happy Fourth Birthday, my not-so-baby boy!!

Today, February 10th, 2011, my baby boy turns four. Seems like yesterday he was born! He’s not my tiny, scrawny 6lb 4oz baby boy any more! Its been four years since I squeezed my husband’s hand so hard he had finger-shaped bruises for a week! Forty-eight months since I saw those beautiful blue eyes for the first time.Two-hundred and eight weeks since I first experienced the bond that comes from breastfeeding. One-thousand four hundred and sixty days since I discovered what love really is. Read the rest of this entry »


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