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In the spirit of last year’s post (when this was Lori Ann and Saruskabeth‘s joint personal blog), here’s our 2011 roundup review: Read the rest of this entry »


Tigger enjoys her nativity set sheep, last year and today

It’s Advent, the season before Christmas where we expect and wait for Jesus! I honestly have to say that to me, Advent is the most wonderful time of the year. Just like at Lent, during Advent I look backwards and forwards both.

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by Lori Ann

skies at dawn

6am. The air seems crisper, the sky meditative. Something about the still quiet seems to enter my body with each breath, helping me think clearer. No distractions, nowhere to go. Just my daughter and I, enjoying a new day together. Tickling, giggling, playing peek-a-boo. Quietly, so as not to wake Baba. Which makes it all the more fun, like a secret between just the two of us.

Tigger’s bedtime has been 7pm since she was 5 days older. As a newborn, she slept (barely interrupted by nursings) until 9am. As she got older, morning wake-up backed up to 8am, 7am. Now 6am.

And I couldn’t be happier.

What’s your morning routine? Is it dreaded or enjoyed?

by Lori Ann

skies at dawn

For a long time, I’ve been meaning to write an idea I have for a blogger’s “Family First Challenge.” All too often I read Mom bloggers (like… ahem… me…) writing long apologies about why they haven’t written, Read the rest of this entry »

by Lori Ann

Perfectionist Gray

Gray? I don’t want to squelch her creativity or anything, but really? Gray?

You should know my favorite colors are green, yellow, and red. In college, I was especially fond of orange. Bright orange. Before that, it was purple. Not too pastel. Bright.

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by Lori Ann


Sometimes, on the hard days, I think to myself, “Come on baby, Mama has needs too, and who’s meeting them?” Then Jesus answers my heart, in the most loving and tender way possible, “I am, and if you’re seeking for someone else to meet your needs, you’re the one in the wrong – not her.” And I look at my darling baby, and have compassion for her neediness, and know that He’s right.

How do you cope on the hard, everyone-needs-you, no-one-gives-Mama-a-break days?

by Lori Ann

Morning Scene

I woke up this morning to a banging on the door. It was 8:12 am. I’d slept in nearly 2 hours past usual, but it didn’t feel like enough. I tried to calculate whether we’d been up more than 2 hours over night, but I wasn’t sure.

“Mama? Mama?” I heard at the door. I smiled, and rolled across the bed so I’d only need to take a few steps to open the door. There stood Tigger, grinning up at me. “Mama! Mama!”

“Shh, Mama’s sleeping… oh….” Baba said as he caught up with our quick new walker. “It’s okay, I’m up now,” I reassured, taking Tigger up in my arms and thankful Baba took her this morning so I’d have some time to sleep in (even though I found out later they’d only been up about 10 minutes).

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by Lori Ann


Listening to Tigger’s favorite new musician, Frances England, playing via Pandora radio. Seeing perfect skies, feeling a pleasant breeze, from the open living room window. Smelling apple salsa boiling in the rice cooker. Tasting sticky-with-fruit fingers as I kiss Tigger’s hands.

Thankful to be a Mama today.

What Mama moments did you hear, see, feel, smell, and taste this week?

by Lori Ann

Park Contemplations

10 links I enjoyed this past month:

  • 50 Problem Words & Phrases from Daily Writing Tips
    the grammar nerd in me loved gloating over how well I do at NOT having these problems… for the most part!
  • Booking It in 2011 from Life As a Mom
    I was looking at this for inspiration; I think it’d be really fun to have a MamaWit book club, what about you?
  • Why Preschool Shouldn’t Be Like School on Slate
    really interesting to me as a Mama who originally planned on (and was trained for) being a teacher and now intends to homeschool
  • Kitchen Garden Planner from Gardener’s Supply Company
    a really useful tool we’re bookmarking as we proceed in our research for a sustainable agriculture business!
  • Orphan Dolls™ to Africa by Faith on etsy
    heard about this handmade doll shop on the radio; the dolls are just $20 and 100% of the profits go to Orphans in Africa!
  • Charlotte Mason’s Home Education in Modern English from Ambleside Online
    homeschooling (really more like home”learning”) for little ones
  • From the big sister to the little brother from the gypsy mama
    a sweet reflection on Christ in us here, now, alongside us through the messes and mistakes of daily life
  • How to teach sharing by giving up control by mamaeve
    watching our littles learn sharing together… I’m not completely in agreement with the RIE philosophy she mentions, but see my comment on the post for my own experience with kids and sharing
  • Harriette Taylor Treadwell’s Reading Primers
    a homeschool literature/reading resource; the Kindle ebook versions are just $1.99!
  • my “Baby Folk & Calm” music station on Pandora
    it doesn’t always pick what we like, but usually does pretty good!

by Lori Ann

Messy Face

“God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt” — this playground chant was popular when we ate outside on nice spring days, especially if an especially tasty treat fell to the ground. 10+ years later and the chant comes back to mind frequently these days as I realize how futile (and scientifically speaking, harmful) it is to keep Tigger away from every bit of good-old-fashioned dirt.

Unfortunately, the local Grandmas don’t agree, and “dirty” will probably be Tigger’s first word in Chinese.

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