Where do you find high-quality, affordable, natural products? Listed here are some of our favorite places to shop.

Kid/Family Shops

  • Signing Time
    Learn American Sign Language (ASL) along with your baby or child — great for bonding, communication, and reducing frustrations that lead to temper tantrums.
  • Imagine Childhood
    Natural toys and art/craft supplies that encourage your child’s own imagination.
  • Amazon’s “Green Baby”
    Baby toys and products which are actually packaged in minimal plastic waste!


Gift Catalogs for Charity

give a donation to a charity in the name of a friend, or give a gift to a friend where the proceeds go to charity

Sales & Deals for Mamas

  • totsy.com
    a green company helping moms find great deals for leading brands of toys, clothes, and other environmentally-sound products for kids age 0-7

WAHM shopping

places you can make a little money back on the purchases you make, or by participating in other shopping-related programs

  • Swagbucks.com
    search just like you would at any search engine, but earn points towards gift cards and prizes! I’ve earned $20 in Amazon gift cards so far!

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