Enjoy Pregnancy

My number one tip to pregnancy women is to spend more time enjoying the new life growing inside you and learning from Mamas you admire. Enjoy this special time. Pregnancy is God-designed, special, and joyful; the media and many mainstream parenting websites make it out to be scary, expensive, and weird. Don’t spend tons of time reading pregnancy websites which can lead to serious information overload and added stress as you find out all the (unlikely) things that could go wrong!

Pregnancy Resources

My Pregnancy: Stories, Notes, & Photos
Tigger’s Pregnancy – links to all the relevant posts on MamaWit from my pregnancy with Tigger


General Pregnancy Resources
I update links to all my favorite pregnancy-related articles on this page (or navigate to “Articles & Links” under “Pregnancy” in the top navigation bar). Don’t try to read everything!–just whatever looks most relevant and useful for you right now. Includes a section for Dads-to-be.

Pregnant Purchases
I tend to be a minimalist and didn’t find necessary most of what was advertised that way. But, a few things you don’t already own might be helpful while pregnant, and I’ve listed them here.
If you’re shopping to prepare for the baby’s birth, my “Baby Registry for Minimalists” and “New Mama’s Needs” lists might help you.

Baby’s Development & Pregnancy Newsletters
I recommend my favorite pregnancy newsletters about baby’s weekly development in this post.

Recording your Pregnancy
I really liked the pregnancy journal I picked out for Tigger’s pregnancy and haven’t seen one I liked better since. It has reasonable amounts of space for photos and writing (not so much you feel like you’re behind like some journals). It’s called the Belly Book and is even shaped like a belly!

Gentle Christian Mothers has a great forum for asking questions and chatting with experienced (and soon-to-be) moms; you just have to apply to register which I actually love because it ensures that the board doesn’t have any spammers or people who get on just to ridicule others’ posts.

Healthy Pregnancy
For healthy eating during your pregnancy, see the resources listed on our Nutrition & Recipes page here.

For tips on fitness and exercise during pregnancy, read Lori Ann’s post here.

Preparing for Birth
I had never seen a birth, so I did feel the need to read up a little more on the natural childbirth I wanted for our baby. This website has a comprehensive list of all the options you’ll want to talk through with your husband and care provider BEFORE you give birth. Here‘s my list of books and a few items to get you ready — though I’d highly recommend taking a class in Bradley (husband-coached) childbirth if you’re considering homebirth or natural birth in any way.

Preparing for Parenting

Parenting Information – Posts on MamaWit & Links
If you’re anything like I was, the only thing you’re super-interested in besides pregnancy right now is parenting! I read a lot (have to do something on the couch to distract from the morning sickness!), especially about what the first months and year would be like, and am very glad I did (you don’t have near as much time for reading once the newborn arrives!). I’ve compiled a list of resources for parenting, which you can read here, and paperback books about parenting I found most useful here.