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Pregnancy Nutrition

Birthing Naturally has a GREAT section with everything you need to know about pregnancy nutrition, including sample menus, snack ideas, and lots more! My favorite page is their detailed description of the ideal Brewer Pregnancy Diet (more information below).

Fertility, Cycles, & Nutrition
A comprehensive book on nutrition for women, with a special section on nutrition during pregnancy I found really useful (especially the chart, which I copied and laminated to check off my daily eating on my fridge door for awhile!)

Natural Relief for Pregnancy-Related Disturbances from Flowing Free
Nutritional advice for constipation, cravings, morning sickness (naseau), heartburn, bloating, high blood pressure, stretch marks, joint & muscle pain. Of course, always check with your care provider for the most recent information.

The Skinny Pregnancy on BabyZone
When Putting on Weight is Easier Said than Done: an article by Brette McWhorter Sember with tips on gaining pregnancy weight when it’s hard

Sugar During Pregnancy on Birthing Naturally
Tips on replacing refined sugars in your diet with healthier choices for a healthier pregnancy

The Brewer Diet

Many midwives, mine included, recommend women eat according to Dr. Brewer’s diet for an optimally healthy pregnancy, birth, and baby. I’m convinced sticking to it allowed me to lower my blood pressure during pregnancy and birth our Tigger at a healthy 7lbs 10oz! Below I’ve listed websites with most of the information you need; there’s also information in the book Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way.

The Brewer Pregnancy Diet Overview
Concise list of what you should eat while pregnant. You also need to read the link below to know how much is in each serving.

The Brewer Pregnancy Diet Basic Plan
Details including portion size for each serving you should eat daily as part of the Brewer Pregnancy diet.

Protein Counter
Scroll down on this page to the protein counting charts. My midwife asked me to track how many grams of protein I ate each day (the goal is 80-100) for a week so I could improve as necessary.

Food & Recipes

My favorites during my pregnancy with Tigger! You can read MamaWit’s other recipes here.

Whole-Lemon Lemonade
something about the tartness of lemons really helped me through morning sickness!

Ginger Cookies
another naseau-reliever! I placed a few on my nightstand each night and nibbled on them before even getting up out of bed

Healthy Pregnancy Cookbook from Birthing Naturally

Healthy Snacks for Mama-to-Be from Parenting.com

10 Healthy Prenatal Snacks from BabyZone.com


Read more about pregnancy at our MamaWit resource page.