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by LoriAnn

“What’s this doing out on the counter?” Baba asks.

“Oh no! I must have left it out this morning!” Mama replies (and it is now 9pm). No use crying over spoilt milk, so my brain starts turning… and then my fingers are turning the pages in our family cookbook to this favorite recipe! Hope you enjoy it as much as we have been all week!

Milk Cake

Happy Fathers' Day!We’d only been back in China a few days when Baba’s first Fathers’ Day (Babas’ Day?) came around. His gift hadn’t arrived in the mail yet (it did today!) but I wanted to do something special for him. In the U.S., I bought a silicone mini-bundt-cake pan at Goodwill, so I looked up a chocolate cake recipe and settled on the one below, originally from Recipezaar (I just halved all the ingredients; it took the same amount of time to bake). I wish I’d taken pictures, but we ate it too quickly, so you’ll have to settle for Tigger handing Baba his present.

Easy Chocolate Cake, no eggs or butter


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