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First Trimester, originally uploaded by simplyla.

Week-by-week photos from my first trimester. See that belly grow!

It’s hard to believe I ever thought being pregnant felt yucky, because I feel so good these days! Even smells seem to have lost their ability to bother me, and there’s hardly anything that sounds bad to eat (before, I had all sorts of food aversions). I still tire easily (perhaps because my big belly makes sleeping and many other activities uncomfortable), but a good nap most afternoons gives me a lot more energy than before.

In the food realm, not only do I still have food cravings (potatoes and cheese, not together, seem to be the cravings I’ve had most throughout this whole pregnancy), I’m hungry a LOT. I eat at least 6 times a day (3 meals + a snack after each), and especially snack on fruit,  yogurt, and popcorn. I’m back to my normal spicy-loving-self, and even after a huge, spicy Chinese dinner with Paul’s dad last night, I have not suffered any heartburn. Maybe it’s all the water drinking I do? Whatever it is, I’m glad!

I feel so good, hardly ever feeling sick now and even beginning to get a little more energy (though my afternoon naps are still frequent)! I am a lot more active than I was in the weeks where morning sickness was bad, which is nice.

I’m also beginning to enjoy a lot of foods again that bothered me before, especially food with flavor… think spicy! It started one day when Paul was preparing two separate plates of potatoes for dinner, the spicy for him and plain for me. Suddenly I realized his looked oh-so-appetizing and mine, just a bit boring. So I had him season mine the same and enjoyed them immensely!

Well, I was home alone this week, so this “artist rendering” (ahem, Paul’s doodling) will have to do for this week’s picture.

Morning sickness is leaving though the exhaustion’s still here. But, though tired, there’s a certain energy about not feeling that I’m about to throw up at all times, so I’ve been engaging in various house cleaning, crafting, and even studying.

My cravings and aversions haven’t changed much, but my sweet tooth is returning and finding me baking more! Cupcakes with frosting, yum yum!

Week 11: I have days now where I DON’T feel sick all the time! Yay! I’ve gained 3 inches around my waist and 1kg. I crave cheesy things, fig newtons, and mashed potatoes, but hate the thought of onion rings, raw lettuce, and coke. Second trimester, here we come!

10 weeks preggo

I am….

Mama-to-be, 10 weeks pregnant. Delighted, nauseous, and optimistic. Treasuring sleep when I can get it and lemonade when I can’t. Hoping to chronicle my pregnancy, our transformation from “him and her” to “baba and mama,” and the precious one we’re all waiting for.

MamaWit will be…

Written for my family and friends to follow this journey. Also for others interested in a silly, crafty, thoughtful, photo-loving, simple-living mama-to-be’s takes on life, pregnancy, and parenting, plus crafting, simplifying, reading, playing, cleaning, organizing, cooking, composting, and (eventually!) homeschooling.


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