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by Lori Ann

Messy Face

“God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt” — this playground chant was popular when we ate outside on nice spring days, especially if an especially tasty treat fell to the ground. 10+ years later and the chant comes back to mind frequently these days as I realize how futile (and scientifically speaking, harmful) it is to keep Tigger away from every bit of good-old-fashioned dirt.

Unfortunately, the local Grandmas don’t agree, and “dirty” will probably be Tigger’s first word in Chinese.

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by Lori Ann


No, we certainly did not find all of the above items under the couch at one time. No, Baba is not right 90% of the time when he answers “probably under the couch” to any “where is …?” question. No, Tigger does not hide plastic bottles like a puppy buries bones. No, there is not only one actual toy in the collection we found.

And, in case you weren’t sure: yes, this is a “Not-Me Monday*” post.

What did you absolutely NOT do today?

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

by Lori Ann


I haven’t had much time on the computer lately but have a read a few articles I’ve bookmarked to come back to:

by Lori Ann

thai food panda

We went out for Thai food and Tigger teethed on her panda from Aunt Suzy. She did eat some real Thai food, too; mostly just the cucumber garnishes but it was still fun! (i did feel bad for the waitresses, she’s not exactly a neat eater hehe!)

You can probably tell we’ve been having quite a busy year here — not much time for writing! I still want to keep everyone updated about Tigger and our life here, so I’ll share some highlights from our recent trip to the Big City (the capital of our province, about 1.5hr away, where we have to go occasionally for filing official paperwork and such).

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Merry Christmas from Mama, Baba, and Tigger in China!

IMG_4962Enjoying her pajama bag gift from Baba

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by Lori Ann

Question: “If you were in a movie right now, what music would be playing?”

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Redwork quilt

photo by medea_material

I loved the redwork embroidery on a pillow in one of my favorite craft books, Handmade Home by Amanda Soule. I wanted to find a similar pattern with a “motherly” theme so I headed over to the site she got hers from, PatternBee. I searched the web as well (and snagged 10 swagbucks while I was at it!) and found some great resources I thought I’d share for anyone else interested.

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by Lori Ann

Tigger @ Park w/ Flower

We enjoyed a family day Saturday in a newly-opened park near our town. It was a cool, not-quite-rainy day, perfect for finding solace in mostly undisturbed nature — something hard to come by in China!

I didn’t let Tigger pick the flower, but we did let her crawl around in this open field to enjoy being immersed in the out of doors, wiggling her toes in the dirt and grass.

She also enjoyed eating the cucumber out of my picnic lunch!

Sandwich Picnic

How’d you enjoy your weekend?

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by LoriAnn

Those are MY feet!

I previously mentioned Tigger loving her bootie rattles because I wanted to post a video of her playing with them — it’s so cute! She hasn’t quite figured out that those are her feet. However, every time we turn on the video camera, she suddenly stops whatever she was doing. So, until we sneak up on her with her noticing, you’ll just get this photo (for which I had to hide the camera behind her while she played!). Thanks, Suzy, for the gift, she loves it!

by LoriAnn


The first time Baba and I came to China, we decided to visit a tourist town near where we live now. Our Chinese skills weren’t great at the time, so arriving in night’s darkness and pouring down rain wasn’t exactly what we’d had in mind. I saw a taxi stand so we went over to it, and a car (not a taxi) pulled up with a few young men in it. The driver surprised us by asking in English, “Where are you going?”

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