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Happy Fourth Birthday, my not-so-baby boy!!

Today, February 10th, 2011, my baby boy turns four. Seems like yesterday he was born! He’s not my tiny, scrawny 6lb 4oz baby boy any more! Its been four years since I squeezed my husband’s hand so hard he had finger-shaped bruises for a week! Forty-eight months since I saw those beautiful blue eyes for the first time.Two-hundred and eight weeks since I first experienced the bond that comes from breastfeeding. One-thousand four hundred and sixty days since I discovered what love really is. Read the rest of this entry »

^_^  Saruskabeth ^_^

Happy Birthday, Madison Grace!

Madison Grace is 6 months old today! Incredible! Its funny; I can’t really imagine life without her, yet it seems like yesterday that she was born. Watching her brothers entertain her (and sometimes the other way around!) warms my heart, and seeing that smile lifts me up to a beautiful place. Its not easy, being a mom of three, but it is true what my parents (of four) always told me. Parents love all their children. When your second, or third, fourth or more is born, the love doesn’t spread out to cover them all. It doesn’t split to give each a share, or leave one for another. Instead, it grows a thousand fold. You simply learn to love in new ways. I can finally understand that, now.

Happy 6 months, Madison Grace! Here’s to another 6 as wonderful as the last. Thanks for being such great big brothers, Payten and Dylan! Mama loves you all!


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