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Redwork quilt

photo by medea_material

I loved the redwork embroidery on a pillow in one of my favorite craft books, Handmade Home by Amanda Soule. I wanted to find a similar pattern with a “motherly” theme so I headed over to the site she got hers from, PatternBee. I searched the web as well (and snagged 10 swagbucks while I was at it!) and found some great resources I thought I’d share for anyone else interested.

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I’ve decided to take a big step in my life and confess something I’ve been hiding. Its something about me only a very few people know, but its getting harder and harder to conceal. My father let it slip to his friends, and now I have to make the choice to deny it or accept it. And so I choose to accept and embrace it….

Friends, family…friends of family:

I love spiders.

I do. Its true. Go ahead and wince and grimace. Murmer that I’m weird, smirk at my oddity, but there’s just no hiding it any longer. When I say I love spiders, I mean I LOVE spiders. My friends on refer to themselves as arachnophiles. When my kids play outside, I spend most of my time on my knees in the dirt, looking under the shrubs, checking out webs near the cellar. I can’t get enough! Two months ago, I didn’t know a cellar spider from a cobweb spider. Now, I can tell you what genus is running accross your living room floor, which are dangerously venomous, which build what kind of webs. I can tell you that my carport is overrun with Steadota triangulosa but that’s okay since they are not a danger to my kids. I can tell you that not only are Black Widows abundant in Hot Springs this year, but whether they are Latrodectus mactansLatrodectus hesperus, or Latrodectus variolus. I know how to tell a mature male from a female, and how to tell if a female is gravid, or ready to lay eggs. I can even identify different types of egg sacs, webs, and trapdoors. It started out a simple inquiry on the spider identification website, as we’d been finding black widows, and I wanted to know which kind we had. Now its a full-blown obsession, and its rubbing off on Payten. I called the kids over to show them a lovely Lycosid I found, and told them, “This is a Wolf spider…probably Rabidosa. Isn’t she pretty?” Payten responded, “Well, it is a very pretty spider, but I think its a boy. See how big his pepsidalps are?” I looked, and sure enough, he had swollen pedipalps, the arm-like appendages near the mouthparts. In females, these are thin and used to manipulate prey caught in the web. Since most males never weave webs, just mooch off their female counterparts, their palps have evolved for a different purpose: reproduction. They deposit their genetic material onto a surface, absorb it into the palps, and insert it into the female’s Epigynum. Very romantic, no? Then, depending on the species, they either run away before she can retaliate or they camp out near her web and chomp on her leftovers for the rest of their lives. Very much like human males. In fact, spider males are also common to the human variety in how difficult it can be to tell a juvenile from an adult. Adult females are usually very easy to identify. Anywho, I told that story to tell this story: I wish I had a good camera so I could take some good pics of the pretty ladies who make their home around here. Lets just pretend for a moment that money isn’t an issue (I wish;) what camera would the photo takers out there recommend for a beginner who plans on taking pics of small active subjects? I am a complete novice at phot taking. The only subjects I’ve dealt with until now are my kids…also small and active, but a little more willing to pose. Any suggestions? 

by LoriAnn

I had a great birthday! I got a library’s worth of books, some specifically for my birthday and others in well-timed care packages. Some are print, some eBooks, and some audio. I’m enjoying them all! More details on the MamaWit Bookshelf and at the end of this post.

Also for my birthday, we enjoyed a new tradition of baking my cake together the night before. My birthday pick was the Applesauce Spice Bread in a round cake pan, sprinkled with powdered sugar! Baba cooked lunch & dinner, my favorite: Thai food! (I’ll let you know if he posts the recipe online… he’s working on writing a blog about life in China!) And, Tigger napped well several times, so I got lots of chances to enjoy a bunch of magazines sent by my aunt plus my new books: in paper, via my iPod speakers, and on the iPod touch Kindle reader!

I guess I won’t need any new books for awhile… oh, but wait, I just used my birthday money to order two more!… and then I downloaded 6 limited-time freebies onto my Kindle for Mac reader… well, what can I say; I love to read!

Click to read more if you’d like to see the (huge!!) list of books I got; one’s available for free on any Kindle reader! There’s also a note at the end about joining me for a group book study online, for any Mamas who are interested in growing in their Motherhood.

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Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

Did you know that offers thousands of free books for download? And you don’t even need a Kindle (pictured above)! I just figured this out last weekend, and I’m thrilled so I wanted to share all the details before I forget.

All you have to do is get an (also free) application for wherever you want to read the free ebooks — your iPhone or iPod Touch, Mac, PC, iPad, Blackberry, or Android. My husband and I both use and enjoy the iPod touch and Mac Kindle readers. One day, maybe when we’re homeschooling and future generations have come out, we’d like an iPad for more of a book-like feel.

Also, I figured out a great way to keep updated about what free books are available: there are almost 20,000 classics always available here, and limited-time newer releases can be found for free here! You can even sign-up at Change Detection to find out when new books have been added for free. Just type in the page address “” and your own e-mail address, and you’ll get an email update whenever there’s something new! Update: Now I email subscribe to which works much better. I just signed up and can’t wait to get some good, free, books! I think my first will be The Autobiography of Madame Guyon, which is an older edition of a book I had on my book wishlist. Yay for reading, and especially yay for free!


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