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I recently discovered that a scary percentage of high school seniors don’t understand how to use context clues to derive the meaning of a word. I remember learning about that in first grade!! Naturally, I questioned whether or not I’d be able to foster that skill in my child once we began schooling him. I plan on homeschooling, at least for the first several years, but have had no formal training in education. So any time I hear a stat on about students and thier learning skills I have a tendency to panic about my abilities as a teacher.

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Children's Literature

Maybe it’s hormones. Maybe it’s nesting. Maybe it was boredom since my Chinese program wasn’t working (I’m taking an online class during my queasy first trimester). Whatever the reason, I spent almost all of yesterday preparing something I’m not in any present need of. And I loved it.

The title gives it away… I’ve been pouring over children’s literature! I read curriculum lists for homeschoolers, recommendations and book reviews, and looked up my own childhood favorites. I made lists (as Paul would tell you, I’m ALWAYS researching & making lists). Lists of story collections to last from baby to kindergarten. Lists of books for toddlers. Stories for 2-year-olds. Best books for 3’s. All the best of the best, of course!

After chuckling at my organization, Paul pointed out the good in preparing this far in advance: shipping books here isn’t cheap, and good-quality English literature is one of the hardest things to find. When we’re in the U.S., we can stock up on whatever we want for our child’s first few years!

What are YOUR all-time favorite books for the little ones, baby through age 5?


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