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Today, while out with my children, I was gripped by the realization that Madison needed to eat. Well, really, I was gripped by her anxious fingers as she attempted to rip my clothes off on the spot, but same difference. So I sat down on a bench, sent my boys to play, and pulled on my nursing wrap to feed her.

Now, Madison is five months old. Well within the recommended age to nurse. I cover up completely; not even my shoulder or a little belly skin shows.  (Though I will admit, there have been one or two oopsies during my three years as a nursing mom where a hungry baby demanded food but, alas, the blanket or nursing wrap had been left behind. Those times, I made do with what I had. I’d hide in a secluded corner or escape to a bathroom. Only once have I taken the saying, “grin and (ahem) bare it” to that next level. And that was at a close friend’s house.) After two previous babies I guess I should be used to the curious glances, the “oh, wow” looks when it dawns on onlookers what is going on. Still, I get frustrated sometimes. Today, we were at a kid-friendly restaurant in a play area. Two mothers looked distgusted, then actually took their children and left when I started to nurse, and the one dad turned bright red and went to the other side of the area. Another mother wrinkled her nose and asked me, “How can you do that to your child?”

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