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by Lori Ann

I know, I know. It’s been over a year since I was pregnant. Even though I enjoyed updating MamaWit with stories and photos of my pregnancy for the first 7 months, I didn’t post again until Tigger was 2 months old! So…:

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by Lori Ann

38 weeks

I just found out that a good friend of mine is pregnant, and decided to make this blog a little more useful to someone like her looking for pregnancy stories, advice, and photos! Here are the MamaWit posts from my pregnancy with Tigger:

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by LoriAnn


The first time Baba and I came to China, we decided to visit a tourist town near where we live now. Our Chinese skills weren’t great at the time, so arriving in night’s darkness and pouring down rain wasn’t exactly what we’d had in mind. I saw a taxi stand so we went over to it, and a car (not a taxi) pulled up with a few young men in it. The driver surprised us by asking in English, “Where are you going?”

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Just a quick note to say that I’m laughing over how my pregnancy ticker at the bottom of the blog currently reads, “51 weeks and 1 day pregnant.” Oh, how thankful I am that it is not so!

The belly’s getting bigger… which means the baby is, too!

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Week-by-week photos from my second trimester. See that belly grow!

Baby’s a she! We found out at our December 26th ultrasound. Yes, it’s been that long since I’ve kept up with blogging!

In China, technicians and doctors aren’t allowed to tell patients the gender of the baby, because in most areas (not ours, actually), parents are only allowed to have one child and many prefer boys. To prevent gender-selective abortions, parents don’t find out until baby is born. The only ultrasound images we were given were of baby’s face, another step to prevent black-market gender interpretation!

It’s been a month so crazy-busy I don’t even have a picture for each week!

This month, baby became VERY active in her movements… I could easily count 10 movements in 2 minutes when lying down. Baby also got the hiccups a LOT! Also this month, we had one last ultrasound in China and found out baby’s gender… she’s a she! (And it only took us 45 minutes of convincing to get the technicians to tell us!) We said our farewells to friends and our home, and boarded flights that eventually got us back to the U.S. On the longest of these (13 hours), we were upgraded to first class! I had no idea how nice it is up there, and was so thankful, but fully expect that to never happen again (babies and kids aren’t generally selected for free upgrades the way pregnant ladies apparently are!).

I am definitely, without-a-doubt, showing, no matter what I’m wearing, how I’m standing/sitting, etc.. It’s kind of fun!

Before we go in for our gender-revealing ultrasound this Saturday, I thought it’d be fun to compile some gender predictions based on everything from intuition to science to old wives tales. (No, I don’t put a lot of stock in these!)

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See how I grow!!

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