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by Lori Ann

Morning Scene

I woke up this morning to a banging on the door. It was 8:12 am. I’d slept in nearly 2 hours past usual, but it didn’t feel like enough. I tried to calculate whether we’d been up more than 2 hours over night, but I wasn’t sure.

“Mama? Mama?” I heard at the door. I smiled, and rolled across the bed so I’d only need to take a few steps to open the door. There stood Tigger, grinning up at me. “Mama! Mama!”

“Shh, Mama’s sleeping… oh….” Baba said as he caught up with our quick new walker. “It’s okay, I’m up now,” I reassured, taking Tigger up in my arms and thankful Baba took her this morning so I’d have some time to sleep in (even though I found out later they’d only been up about 10 minutes).

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by Lori Ann

sick day stuffed animals

Ever wish you were a little kid again?

Last week, Tigger didn’t feel very good (diarrhea throughout the day and keeping us all up at night) and developed a cute after-nap habit to replace her usual one, which is standing up and walking over to her stuffed animals to play the moment she awakens. For three days while was sick though, she woke, called for me, pointed to her shelf of stuffed animals, and requested, “ng” (it means “want”). I handed her a stuffed animal.

She played with it for a few seconds, pointed back at the shelf, and another “ng”. Then repeated until she had all the stuffed animals. I thought it was so funny I had Baba take a picture the second day she did it (above). I even had a few meditations on the way she depended completely on me to provide for her that which she wanted, which helped me notice in my reading in John the next day that Jesus fed the five thousand “as much as they wanted” (not just “needed”; from chapter 6).

I often wish I were — or at least acted more like — a little kid again. With a child’s trust, problem solutions, and complete dependence on Mama and Baba to make everything better. And to bury all yucky feelings in a pile of soft cuddly animal friends!

 ^_^ Saruskabeth^_^

About a month ago,  Awanas started up at our church, and my two and three year olds eagerly joined in the fun.  Even little Madison Grace has her own class, complete with a story lesson, songs, and puppet show! Its so great to see them bonding with their leaders and other children; Dylan hardly ever gets a chance to play with kids his age, since his size often gets him moved up before he really should be. I was thrilled to see that he’s not the only larger kid in his “Puggles” class, and he and Denson quickly became inseperable. Though Denson is a bit older, they get along great, and the teacher reports that they share everything…including germs.  Read the rest of this entry »

by LoriAnn

Discipline is forcing yourself to drink fluids when you’re vomiting over and over again because you know you’re supposed to stay hydrated. Love is forcing yourself to drink fluids despite the vomiting because you need milk to keep your dear child hydrated.

I’ve never been very good at self-discipline. But little Tigger sure is teaching me Love.

Excuse me if I’m missing for awhile, but I’ve discovered a new food allergy the hard way and probably won’t feel much like being online for a day or so!


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