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by Lori Ann

14 m/o smile

Big smiles,

14 m/o mischiefBig silliness.

by Lori Ann

Morning Scene

I woke up this morning to a banging on the door. It was 8:12 am. I’d slept in nearly 2 hours past usual, but it didn’t feel like enough. I tried to calculate whether we’d been up more than 2 hours over night, but I wasn’t sure.

“Mama? Mama?” I heard at the door. I smiled, and rolled across the bed so I’d only need to take a few steps to open the door. There stood Tigger, grinning up at me. “Mama! Mama!”

“Shh, Mama’s sleeping… oh….” Baba said as he caught up with our quick new walker. “It’s okay, I’m up now,” I reassured, taking Tigger up in my arms and thankful Baba took her this morning so I’d have some time to sleep in (even though I found out later they’d only been up about 10 minutes).

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^_^  Saruskabeth ^_^

"Don't tell me what to DOOOO!"

My son Payten, who is three going on thirteen, has lately been having a hard time when he doesn’t get his way. Being a kind big brother, obedient son, and helpful member of the household is tough when you’re only “this many.”  He has become incredibly controlling, having a meltdown if I don’t cover him “right” at bedtime, or if Madison or Dylan don’t cooperate with a game he’s invented. His newest and favorite response to instruction is, “You can’t tell me that!” or some variation of the same idea.

My impulse is to discipline him for his cheek, but I realize, too, that he’s learning to assert his opinion and take a stance. He needs to learn how to do that appropriately, but I want him to understand that he’s very important, and his feelings are too! Its a fine line, disciplining him for his attitude and not his feelings on a subject. At three, a child is just starting to understand that they have control over their emotional reactions to things, and I feel that punishing him would only hurt his self image and possibly even make matters worse, as he could become agitated and want to make his feelings known even more. Read the rest of this entry »

^_^  Saruskabeth ^_^

Dylan, 2 years old.


Happy Birthday, Dylan! I’m so glad God blessed me with such precious children. Dylan, your laughter lights up my day, your silly antics can make me smile when I’m feeling my absolute worst. Ihope you never lose your love of life itself or your determination! It comes off as stubborn and sometimes even obnoxious, but I know you have that quality for a reason. Thanks for letting me be your Mama! I’m looking forward to seeing you become a big boy! Love you!

^_^  Saruskabeth ^_^

I recently discovered that a scary percentage of high school seniors don’t understand how to use context clues to derive the meaning of a word. I remember learning about that in first grade!! Naturally, I questioned whether or not I’d be able to foster that skill in my child once we began schooling him. I plan on homeschooling, at least for the first several years, but have had no formal training in education. So any time I hear a stat on about students and thier learning skills I have a tendency to panic about my abilities as a teacher.

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^_^  Saruskabeth ^_^
Dylan, who is 22 months old, is in the process of potty training. So far, he’s following in his brother’s footsteps as far as his willingness vs. ability goes. He knows he’s supposed to go in the toilet, but can’t seem to figure out HOW to do it. I started him standing because Payten pees in the upright position, and I thought Dylan could learn easier from him than me, since they share an anatomical instrument I lack. Unfortunately (I’m sorry boys, but its true…) Dylan is not as….well endowed in certain areas as his older brother. Due to age, of course. So instead of mimicing Payten and becoming a pottying pro on day one (or week one, or month one) as I’d hoped, he has become obsessed with LOOKING like Payten, not ACTING like him. So he takes that thing and stretches it beyond comprehension which, of course, makes it difficult for his business to be conducted. (TMI, yet?) Now that I’ve weirded everyone out, this post isn’t even about that, I just wanted to immortalize that so I won’t forget when Prom night rolls around.

So what IS this post about? Poop. Today, Dylan proved that he is capable of making the connection between having to “go” and actually doing it. Unprompted, he felt the urge, removed his diaper, and go, go, go he did. Yay, right?! Yeah, I guess. My joy was tempered by the little detail that we were, in fact, in my backyard. And that it was a poop to be reckoned with. There’s no way I could pretend a stray dog took a dump in the yard. I couldn’t even blame that one on a horse, I don’t think. That’s what I get, I guess, from bragging about his size… But hey, its still progress, right? And I had planned on taking the boys to the park, but the rain kept us away, thank heavens. I know there’s a fine for not cleaning up doggie doo, is there a law against Dylan doo?

Anyway, Payten once tried to eat corn in his poo, Dylan does the deed outside…you know what? I’m not potty-training Madison. Not doing it! I don’t want to THINK about what she’s going to do with poo…

Children's Literature

Maybe it’s hormones. Maybe it’s nesting. Maybe it was boredom since my Chinese program wasn’t working (I’m taking an online class during my queasy first trimester). Whatever the reason, I spent almost all of yesterday preparing something I’m not in any present need of. And I loved it.

The title gives it away… I’ve been pouring over children’s literature! I read curriculum lists for homeschoolers, recommendations and book reviews, and looked up my own childhood favorites. I made lists (as Paul would tell you, I’m ALWAYS researching & making lists). Lists of story collections to last from baby to kindergarten. Lists of books for toddlers. Stories for 2-year-olds. Best books for 3’s. All the best of the best, of course!

After chuckling at my organization, Paul pointed out the good in preparing this far in advance: shipping books here isn’t cheap, and good-quality English literature is one of the hardest things to find. When we’re in the U.S., we can stock up on whatever we want for our child’s first few years!

What are YOUR all-time favorite books for the little ones, baby through age 5?


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