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Lori Ann

Yi baby headpiece

We’re spending more and more time with our friends in the countryside, which is a ton of fun, lets us devote up to 13 hours a day to immersed language study, and lets Tigger spend most of her time in her favorite place, the great outdoors!

Of course, it also means less time online, which ironically equals less time sharing about what we’re doing (ironic because it makes it look like we aren’t doing anything!). Also ironically, though we’re doing what we love most, we more often forget to pull out the camera; I told my dad a few weeks ago it seems the moments that matter most are the ones I never think to record!

So, though there are only a few, I thought I’d share some village highlights from last month. I haven’t uploaded this month’s yet but will share once I do!

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by Lori Ann


Question: “List three countries you’d like to visit.”

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by Lori Ann

A true traveler

We’ll be out of town for a little over a week when this post appears, so as I’m writing it I’m thinking of the necessary preparations. We travel a lot, usually by bus, so packing and packing light are a well-practiced art. Our packing list did double when Tigger came around (or so it seems!), but thankfully her belongings are very small.

Here’s our list. What’s key for smooth traveling for your family?

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by LoriAnn


The first time Baba and I came to China, we decided to visit a tourist town near where we live now. Our Chinese skills weren’t great at the time, so arriving in night’s darkness and pouring down rain wasn’t exactly what we’d had in mind. I saw a taxi stand so we went over to it, and a car (not a taxi) pulled up with a few young men in it. The driver surprised us by asking in English, “Where are you going?”

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2 weeks + orange shirt

Guess what I did today!? I got dressed out of my CLOSET!! It’s the first time since before Tigger’s birth that my clothes didn’t come straight from the suitcase!

Umm, yes, that means it’s taken me over 2 weeks to unpack. Just yesterday did we manage to finish unpacking, and now my clothes are in my closet!

The first thing I realized when unpacking was that I didn’t have enough hangers for everything. At one point in my life, that would have meant going out to buy new hangers. These days, as I pursue contentment in what I own, I find ways to pass along excess, and to make use of ‘waste’.

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