Calling all bloggers, photographers, Mama-owned small businesses, photographers, writers, kids, and Mamas of every talent! We are currently accepting submissions for publication on March 20, 2012, in the first edition of MamaWit Mag. We’re working as hard as we can when our own babes are asleep, so submit now for potential publication!

Why submit?

Help birth an online community to mirror the one we all wish we had living in our neighborhood! Benefits include:

  • sharing your writing, art, and more with all MamaWit Mag readers
  • your name next to each article, photo, or piece of art selected for publication which will link to your chosen website (your blog, etsy store, facebook page, favorite charitable cause, etc.)
  • winning submissions get a short bio, optional photo, and chosen (linked) website on the “Contributors” page
  • a link from to your chosen website while that magazine is most recent
  • a vote for that issue’s featured Mama-run business (each issue will feature a free one-page ad to the business selected by contributor votes)
  • inspiring and learning from mothers around the world
  • a part in shaping this magazine!

How to Submit

  1. Be creative. Think about the theme (March 2012: New), and read over the sample submission ideas. What are you good at? What do you enjoy creating — written poems? Photos of your children? Journal doodles? Also remember that we’re looking for submissions that inspire and bring joy to families – MamaWit Mag is all about stories and images of your family life, not advice columns or arguments for/against specific parenting philosophies.
  2. You must have all rights to whatever you submit. That means all components must be yours (don’t include a picture you got from someone else’s website in a collage) and original (your submission can’t already be published somewhere else).
  3. Submissions should be emailed to the relevant email address (currently in a common format: we prefer jpeg, rtf, and pdf. With image files, the larger the better! Each submission should be a separate email, so photos to accompany a story would go in one email but a poem and an unrelated drawing need 2 separate emails.
  4. We will reply to submissions we’re considering with a form asking for permissions, a short bio, your own or chosen website, and a nomination for a Mama-run business we should consider featuring (your own or one you like).
  5. We reserve the right to edit your submission, though we’ll do our best to contact and work with you first.

2012 Themes
Don’t feel bound by the theme; be creative & inspired with wherever your thoughts about each word take you.

Spring Edition – March 20 : New
(email submissions to
Summer Edition – June 20 : Laugh
Autumn Edition – September 22 : Change
Winter Edition – December 21 : Rest


We are especially looking for the following submissions right now:

  • Featured “new” story – write the true story of your first days as a new mother, experience adding additional children to your family, or other “new” family experiences
  • Newborn photos – Mama photographers, this is the time to let your skills shine (and get some free publicity)!
  • Answers to the new Mama question, “What do I do when my newborn stays up all night!?” (remember, answers in the form of a story from your own newborn parenting days are preferred over lists of techniques to try)
  • Artistic interpretations on the word “new”
  • Birth stories (we may make an exception if you have previously published your birth story, just let us know where and when it was published)
  • Childrens’ artwork – Do your kids keep a nature journal during the changing of seasons? Can you sit them down to draw what they see when new baby chicks hatch or spring flowers bloom? Photograph or scan the art and submit it!
  • Single-sentence answers to, “What do you wish you’d known as a new mother?”

We will also consider any of the following:

  • parenting or funny kid stories (accompanying photos are great too!)
  • craft tutorials
  • recipes
  • artwork from your children (or you!)
  • homeschooling ideas
  • photos taken by you or your children
  • stories of wisdom from Grandmas
  • birth stories
  • your family traditions
  • stories about parenting around the world (parenting in various cultures)
  • your games, activities, or printables that YOU created with all non-copyrighted material
  • book reviews (of children’s books or books relevant to parenting, inspiring to mothers, etc.) ** note : if you are the author of a book you would like to see reviewed, you can either ask someone who has read it to submit a review OR send one copy each (print or digital) to both editors of MamaWit and we might review it IF we choose to do so
  • questions (have the question but not the answer? Ask a Mama!)
  • birthday wishes (yes, if you come up with a creative way to say “Happy Birthday” to a friend or family member, we’ll consider it for publication)
  • creative writing: your (or a child’s) poetry, short story, prayer, etc.
  • nature walk ideas, nature journal pages, or seasonal activities
  • theme suggestions (single words that can be interpreted a variety of ways and inspire positive thoughts about parenting, family, home, and everything else Mamas enjoy) for 2013’s magazines
  • your other creative ideas… discuss them with other readers & contributors at the forum!

And now it’s time…

…to send in those submissions! We’re accepting entries for the very first magazine at Hope to hear from you soon!