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by Lori Ann

skies at dawn

6am. The air seems crisper, the sky meditative. Something about the still quiet seems to enter my body with each breath, helping me think clearer. No distractions, nowhere to go. Just my daughter and I, enjoying a new day together. Tickling, giggling, playing peek-a-boo. Quietly, so as not to wake Baba. Which makes it all the more fun, like a secret between just the two of us.

Tigger’s bedtime has been 7pm since she was 5 days older. As a newborn, she slept (barely interrupted by nursings) until 9am. As she got older, morning wake-up backed up to 8am, 7am. Now 6am.

And I couldn’t be happier.

What’s your morning routine? Is it dreaded or enjoyed?

by Lori Ann

I know, I know. It’s been over a year since I was pregnant. Even though I enjoyed updating MamaWit with stories and photos of my pregnancy for the first 7 months, I didn’t post again until Tigger was 2 months old! So…:

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by Lori Ann

Sourdough Pancakes


Dutch Pancake


Buckwheat Pancakes


I make pancakes every Saturday morning for breakfast and am having a ton of new fun trying and inventing new recipes. I wanted to tease with some recent photos to encourage everyone to bug me until I remember to post the recipes.

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by Lori Ann


Tigger’s always been a very smiley girl (well, a very expressive girl… but her happy times definitely outweigh the emotional lows!), but it seems to just increase as she gets older. And with those teeth? All the more adorable. Here’s a look over March and a few of the smiles it brought!

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by Lori Ann

thai food panda

We went out for Thai food and Tigger teethed on her panda from Aunt Suzy. She did eat some real Thai food, too; mostly just the cucumber garnishes but it was still fun! (i did feel bad for the waitresses, she’s not exactly a neat eater hehe!)

You can probably tell we’ve been having quite a busy year here — not much time for writing! I still want to keep everyone updated about Tigger and our life here, so I’ll share some highlights from our recent trip to the Big City (the capital of our province, about 1.5hr away, where we have to go occasionally for filing official paperwork and such).

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