General Pregnancy Resources

Ideally, Mamas-to-be would already know what they need to about pregnancy and birth from first-hand experiences of sisters, mothers, aunts, and neighbors. But because western society isn’t as community-oriented today (I live in rural China and none of my friends ever read a book or looked something up online when pregnant!), you may not be blessed with that basis. Here are some articles you may want to start with, and I’d recommend picking one book (I liked Joy of Pregnancy) and one weekly email subscription newsletter about the baby’s development. I keep ALL my pregnancy-related resources here on MamaWit’s Pregnancy page.

Articles & Links

Pregnancy Dos & Don’ts from
The answer to all your “Can I___?” and “Is ____ safe?” questions!

Pregnancy Myths from Birthing Naturally
What you DON’T need to worry about (even though you may commonly hear it)

Cradled in our Womb: Articles on Pregnancy & Birth from Gentle Christian Mothers
GCM is my favorite website. This “Cradled in our Wombs” resource page emphasizes joyful, gentle, natural pregnancy and birth

Stuff No one Told Me About Having a Baby on
“14 perfectly frank pregnancy-and-birth pointers from a second-time mom.”

Nesting Instinct
About this phenomenon which will probably kick in by the third trimester

Just for Dads (and Dads-to-be)

How to Take Care of a Pregnant Wife
A Man’s Guide to Pregnancy from The Art of Manliness

Be an Eagle Dad
6 amazing fathering skills to master BEFORE baby arrives!

Be Prepared
a  fun boyscout handbook-style fatherhood preparation book for dads; it was my husband’s favorite

note on Pregnancy Information Overload
You want to be well-informed, naturally, but information overload can be a real stress-creating problem. I recommend buying just one book (Joy of Pregnancy was my pick), subscribing to just one weekly development newsletter, and selectively clicking on a handful of articles like some of those listed below for only the topics that sound relevant for you. Limit the time you spend reading and increase the time you spend praying, resting, and dreaming. Enjoy your pregnancy!